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“Whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me.” (Matthew 18:5)

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Catholic high schools and Parish schools across the United States of America are responding to the call to welcome persons with disabilities in all aspects of Church life. This growing trend is allowing more students with developmental disabilities than ever before to enroll in Catholic schools alongside their siblings and peers.

Catholic High Schools in our region and across the nation are successfully incorporating students with disabilities into their schools, including those schools that strive to maintain a rigorous college prep curriculum. Furthermore, welcoming students with disabilities into the school is leading to impressive benefits, not only for those persons with disabilities, but for the faculty, staff, and other students who befriend and support them.

A number of years ago, programs for students with learning disabilities were created in area Catholic high schools. The schools acknowledged that there was a need to serve these students and, thanks to the hard work of administrators and parents, several programs now exist to serve students with learning disabilities. Those Catholic schools responded to the call then and CCSE, Inc. urges you to respond to the call now, by opening your doors to a small group of students with disabilities. The teachings of our faith challenge us to continuously strive for progress in the lives of all the faithful. CCSE, Inc. invites you to join them on this path towards providing hope, possibility and change.


Apply for a Grant

If your Catholic school is located in Washington, D.C. or Maryland and is considering expanding or creating a program to enroll two or more students with developmental/intellectual disabilities who would benefit academically and spiritually from qualified special education instruction CCSE invites you to submit a proposal. Funds from CCSE can be applied to hiring special education staff and to purchasing materials necessary to provide appropriate accommodations and adaptations to the curriculum.

›› Read our 2017 letter to schools announcing the opening of this year’s grant process.

CCSE will also consider unique requests not otherwise anticipated but which meet CCSE objectives. Please submit a Letter of Intent/Inquiry (for preferred format, see the Washington Grantmakers Common Grant Letter of Intent). Upon receipt of your Letter of Intent/Inquiry CCSE will send you a complete Request for Funding Application (RFA). Should you have any questions whatsoever about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us. CCSE wishes to support as many schools as possible. There is no deadline.

CCSE does not provide long term continuing program support and requests for renewed support are considered on the basis of reports received, site visits and CCSE priorities. A negative response does not reflect upon the merits of a proposal or the quality of an organization, but results from the fact that the number of proposals received far exceeds CCSE's resources, or because a given project does not fall within CCSE piority areas of involvement.

Apply for Technical Assistance

Below please find an application to participate in our TA outreach. CCSE will fund a limited number of technical assistance seed visits in Washington, D.C. and Maryland with the objective of promoting and facilitating the implementation of special education instruction.
Preference will be given to schools that already have a special educator on staff, that are considering expanding or creating new special education services or that have or will enroll two or more students with developmental/intellectual disabilities who would benefit academically and spiritually from qualified instruction in a Catholic school setting. CCSE will also consider unique requests not otherwise anticipated but which meet CCSE objectives. There is no deadline.

Technical Assistance may consist of:

For more information please contact:

CCSE, Inc.
(301) 933-8844 or
P.O. Box 673
Kensington, Md. 20895

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